Hey Facebook: STOP FINDING ME PONIES!!!!!!

I came across Joker being for sale on Facebook in the fall of 2010. I came across the black beast on Facebook this June.

Anybody see a trend here?


Facebook finds me good deals I can’t pass up time and time again.

So one day I was on Facebook and I received a notification of a for sale ad on a group I belonged to, so of course I had to open it.

Next I saw an ad for two black Appendix QH geldings at fire sale prices. So I messaged and asked prices. $750 and $1000 for nice looking horses. I of course thought this had to be too good to be true, as these horses had been posted since April. I decided to message the advertiser and to my delight, both horses were still available. One, a 6 year old gelding, the other a 3 year old gelding. Neither was broke to ride. It was pretty much a classic case of breeders that had a lot of nice horses that they didn’t have time for because they were also running a training business with lots of client horses. Plus, They primarily do the Buckskin shows, so black horses don’t exactly fit that mold. DH and I were already going to be an hour away at a doctor’s appointment later that week, so we decided to go look at the 6 year old gelding.

I asked lots of questions, the lunged him, I got to pet him and it turned out he was very friendly. I tried my English saddle on him which didn’t fit at all. We left and said we’d be in touch. On the drive home we bought the horse. In comes Please No Autographs, 6 year old, 16hh Appendix QH gelding. I’ve ridden green horses and problem horses and lots of horses in between, but I had never broken a horse. So we decided to leave him with them for training for 30 days. He only got 5 rides in that time, so with the help of my BFF, we took him to a cowboy’s place on July 19th. He was there for 15 days and has been with her since August 3rd. After a lot of discussions last weekend, we decided to bring him home on September 1st and keep him at my trainer’s for at least 30 days so I can ride him with other people around and get help if needed.

So….the adventure continues. Yesterday I visited the not so black black horse. He’s all sorts of sun bleached right now. He doesn’t really know me yet, but he enjoyed a good grooming, a walk, some fly spray and last but not least, tolerated picture taking. And a selfie.

I’m hoping to go visit and see him ridden next weekend and someday soon I’ll ride him myself.

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