Since I’m a terrible blogger, here’s the last month

I was well intentioned when I decided to start a blog to chronicle the adventures of my new horse, but I failed. I failed quite miserably.

I visited my horse exactly three times before bringing him home. I sat on him twice. I had only walked and trotted him. The day we picked him up (Labor Day) was the second time. Turns out he was pretty
awful the first couple weeks my friend had him, but once he decided to just be good, he was pretty lazy. He was good when I rode him and loaded like a champ. Other than moving around a lot, he rode in the trailer reasonably well. He nearly stumbled out of the trailer, but seemed to like his new home.

The first time I attempted to canter him, I evidently curled up like a hunchback because I got him to crowhop. Things were better after that. Our first few rides were in the roundpen, then we graduated to the indoor arena. He was good in the outdoor and the jump field too. He didn’t seem to be very spooky. We really had no issues until it got chilly and he got wild. Then it warmed back up and he was lazy again.

He gets groomed often and gets lots of treats. He’s had his teeth floated and feet trimmed. So far so good.

One of my friends also helps ride him which has been a huge help, especially this week since I was out of commission.

In addition to the western saddle we have a wintec dressage saddle. I like it and he seems to be just fine with it. Though if his back changes much, I think we’ll have to look for a hoop tree saddle. He’s currently in the XW gullet. He doesn’t have much of a wither and has pretty big shoulders. Hello hard to fit QH back.

Hoping to ride in some lessons and do some more riding outdoors before he moves home either later this year or the first part of 2015.

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