The black horse rides again

I’ll admit, anymore I am such a fair weather rider, along with being just generally scared of everything. My last fall in December, with accompanying concussion, has really made it hard for me to want to ride again. I’m not giving up just yet, but I’m perfectly happy not to ride much anymore. I’m extremely lucky that my horse is such a good boy. He still hops around a bit like a green horse when he is excited, but overall he is pretty darn good.

Up until last weekend, I hadn’t been on him in 5 weeks. Primarily due to weather. We bought a little trailer that’s much older than I am and my wonderful husband fixed it up. It’s nothing fancy, and it wouldn’t be my dream trailer my any means, but for the amount of hauling we do and the distance we go, it’s perfect. So we worked on trailering and went to a nearby place with a fenced arena and roundpen Saturday and Sunday. I got on him both days and other than looking around, he was pretty good. I got on him at our place on Tuesday. He’s so furry right now and has just started to shed, so the poor guy gets really hot. He was covered in dry sweat on Tuesday when I went out. The only good thing about that is he doesn’t have a ton of energy to be wild when it’s 70 degrees. I lunged him and waited for my husband to come, then got on him. He felt pretty broke for having 5 weeks off. His still turns well, which is always a nice feeling. We walked and trotted and he was fine. Then I went back and forth about wanting to canter since we had someone on the ground (even though I wasn’t alone when I fell, I’m still scared to ride alone since then). I asked him for a left lead canter and he threw out a couple hops, though nothing remotely bad, We went back to the trot and tried again and he was a very good boy. We reversed and cantered off nicely and ended on a very positive note

20150310_185352_zpshizmzykz IMG_20150310_193500_zpsujrowxu8

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