Blog Hop: Everyday Tack!

“It’s fun to try new stuff and experiment with the latest goodies, but I’m curious to know what your every day tack setup is like.”

Dexter had just a western saddle for a long time and very briefly a dressage saddle.

Let me preface this by saying how my horse is the opposite of photogenic. He’s very hard to get a good picture of and often times I ride later in the evening so the lighting is not good either.

Our main set up for a long time was like this:

Set up now:

Saddle: Billy Cook Roping saddle that’s older than I am. Heavy, but really nice to ride in

Saddle pad: At first it was a Classic Equine Contourpedic, but I didn’t like how hot it made his back, so instead we now have a Diamond Wool felt pad. It’s just basic gray felt, but a pretty nice pad for the price.

Cinch: Professional’s Choice Ventech cinch. I don’t always love neoprene, but it seems to work fine for this horse.

Bridle: Standard headstall with fancier buckles and split reins. Bit alternates between the pictured loose ring, which is Horse & More by Herm Sprenger and a Myler french link eggbutt that I’ll often switch between my bridles.

Boots: Usually just the royal blue Professional’s choice splint boots. Sometimes he’ll wear polos or saratoga bandages.

Briefly he had a dressage saddle which was not a good fit for him, so it was moved along.

At that time he had:

-Wintec Pro Dressage saddle. Nice enough, but at the end of the day it was a dressage saddle. He doesn’t look wide, but has very wide shoulders and the XW plate perched on his back a bit.

-Wintec stirrup straps, which seem to run very short, but otherwise okay.

-Plain fillis irons. Not bad, but I prefer the wider tread.

-Engel Sheepskin paneled square pad. Really pretty nice for the price, around $90 on ebay. Not Mattes quality, but pretty plush sheepskin.

-Smartpak synthetic fleece dressage girth. Nice enough for the money, but mediocre at best.

-Black monogrammed polo wraps from Smartpak. I don’t love how these lay when you’re trying to velcro them.

-Anky dressage bridle with crank noseband. This was a hand me down bridle that I ultimately passed along when I sold the dressage saddle. Really nice bridle and very well padded. The wide noseband looked really nice on Dex.

-Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS D Ring. Really nice bit, most of the horses seem to really like it.

Our English saddle set up:

Without the Ogilvy:

And our new to us half pad, not yet pictured on the horse:

Saddle: Thorowgood T6 All purpose. My horse, like stated above, has a pretty non-traditional back for English saddles. He had low, wide withers and big shoulders. Any saddle I’d normally look at would not come close to fitting him. Enter the Thorowgood. Not my first choice, but well above a Wintec material wise. Adjustable gullet, wool flocking and a pretty nice feel to ride in. Had I had a larger budget, I would have gone in the direction of Duett or something similar.

Saddle pad: Bobbigee’s. I recently got two new pads, the navy one pictured above being one of them. I love these pads.

Half pad: We briefly had an Ogilvy, but I have since sold it. Nice pad, but a lot of pad. Due to my horse’s aforementioned low withers and how wide horse saddles fit, I felt like the V shape was actually the opposite of helpful since wide horse saddles don’t have much wither clearance typically. We now have a new to us mattes half pad which works much better.

Girth: Ovation synthetic fleece girth. Pretty basic, it’s nice because it’s washable.

Stirrup leathers: Wintec stirrup straps. They’re fine, but eventually I may get a longer pair.

Stirrups: Equipe wide footbed aluminum stirrups. These were originally blue. I spray painted them. The spray paint has held up okay. They likely need re painted soon. I love the wide footbed.

Bridle: Dover circuit grand prix. Nice enough, bought it used. He really would likely be better in a cob size bridle, but it works.

Bit: Myler french link eggbutt. I’ve been really happy with how he rides in this bit.

Leg wraps: Usually I don’t use the splint boots, but on occasion I do. Usually it’s all 4 legs wrapped in white Saratoga bandages. I also have a pair of blue Saratoga bandages and a set of 4 black polos with white monograms.

Nothing too fancy for us, just practical and generally budget friendly.

3 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Everyday Tack!”

  1. I really like all of my tack. I’d love to have a nicer saddle, prior to this I had a Voltaire that I loved but it didn’t come close to fitting my horse’s back. My tack works perfectly for what I do, which is primarily just hacking at home and riding for fun. I like my “cheap” saddles much more than I thought I would. I’m not sure I’d want to do more than local shows with what I have, but there’s really nothing wrong with any of it. The hunter princess still has to be suppressed from time to time. 🙂 But not going into debt is more important to me right now. 🙂 Goals and life situations certainly change and sometimes you have to reevaluate your priorities and needs. I’m happy to have a horse I enjoy and tacknowledge I live to use.


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