Where has the year gone?

Hello, it’s me again. Wait, who?! Oh you know, just the worst blogger ever.

2015 started out to be a better year than 2014, but went downhill pretty darn fast. I rode my horse some and for the most part he was a very good boy.

We ventured to our first tiny show over Labor Day weekend and after a somewhat spectacular spook and subsequent fall in the warm up area, I was ready to quit. My lovely husband was there and so kindly told me that I was getting back on whether I wanted to or not. While I was shaken up and hurting from landing on my tailbone, it was good that I got back on. While the day was a bit bumpy, there were a lot of firsts. 1) First time in a big ring. 2) First time riding with that many horses around. 3) First time doing any type of pattern. While it didn’t go as I had hoped, it was a great learning experience.

Due to my tailbone pain, among another large, impending issue, I didn’t ride again for a while. I’m sure you’re wondering what the issue was and while not horse related, I will tell you. If medical issues gross you out, I would stop reading here.

At the end of July, husband and I went to visit my parents in Alaska. A few days after our arrival, I found out I was pregnant. Not completely unexpected, but still a bit of a surprise. Nausea was killer and exhaustion was a perpetual issue. Anyway, I rode a little bit when I got back from vacation, went to the show and fell off (at about 11 weeks pregnant if I’m remembering correctly) and made the decision to not ride for the duration of the pregnancy due to potential safety concerns.

Fast forward about 3 weeks and I found out I had a miscarriage. 3 days before my birthday nonetheless. 2 days before my birthday I had a D and C. Just not a great week/month/year and a half.

Anyhow, eventually I got back on my horse, approximately 5 weeks after the fall and he was very good. I’ve ridden here and there. Riding consistently, what? We’ve ridden in the field, in my ring and taken him to a local barn a couple of times to use their round pen and arena.

We are hoping to move to a boarding barn for a few months so I can actually ride in the winter. I have no lights and there is just not enough daylight this time of year once I get off work. No official move date yet, but hopefully by the 1st of the year.

I sold my English saddle. I just didn’t love it, the fit was not great and after I fell out of it so easily, I wanted to look for something a bit more secure. The only problem with that idea is that I have no money to put towards a saddle.

Even still, my friend helped me do back tracings and take photos last week and I’ve forwarded them on to Trumbull Mountain (Jay is awesome, BTW) and the County fitter for my area, Sara Ivie. I’ve gotten some good suggestions and I hope to get a few saddles on trial once I move and have somewhere I can consistently ride. Fortunately he needs more of a wide tree, not an extra wide or hoop tree like we originally thought, but his shoulders are very asymmetric, so wool flocking will be vital. Since I have no desire to teach a horse to jump (I’ll tell you about my accident prone tendencies, along with my history of concussions another day), so I may actually switch to a dressage saddle and try out dressage for a while. There is a decent trainer not too far away (I’ve never ridden with her, but heard good things) and one of the boarders at the potential new barn is also a highly accomplished dressage rider. Not to get ahead of myself though, I need a saddle first. Actually, I’ll change that to I’d like a saddle first. Both instructors are fine with western tack, which is currently all I have.

Until next time….

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