Weekly Wrap-Up

First off, I got my Blogger Secret Santa Gift mailed out yesterday. I really hope my giftee likes the things I picked out!20151217_112945_zpsgltuoytn

I’m not even sure how to put into words how I feel about my Doctor appointment I went to on Wednesday. Disappointed? Yes. Frustrated? That too. Angry? Definitely. Confused? More than I can tell you. In short, My previous Doctor (read: another specialist in the same office who is no longer there) did not resolve my defect. It should have taken one surgery, she did two and it’s not better. At. All. So, We did blood work, a 3D sonogram and two hours in the office later, I have surgery #3 on January 14th. #notwinning

I started my day off being very angry yesterday. Then I started crying. Then I just got really tired and finished my evening by nearly crying over my food not showing up at our table 45 minutes later and being yelled at by the waitress for complaining. Trainwreck? That’s me.

The horse were supposed to move tomorrow, but due to one of the current boarders not leaving until Monday and a family visitation and funeral Sunday and Monday, they’re going to be moving Christmas Eve. I knew this would happen as soon as I packed anything up to move. And I packed all of my stuff last night.

I need horsey snuggles. Many of them. Hopefully I can snuggle my Dex tomorrow and maybe next week I’ll have time to start riding again. December’s lack of daylight is the worst.

I’m going to go crawl back into my hole and hopefully sleep well for once tonight.

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