Blogger Gift Exchange 2015

I think that giving gifts is often times more fun that receiving them. So when I saw on The 900 Facebook Pony‘s blog post mentioning the blogger gift exchange, I got very excited. Much to my delight, the deadline hadn’t passed. So I contacted Tracy at Fly on Over Eq and got signed up for the 3rd Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange. This was my first year participating.

I had so much fun shopping for Nicole from Equinpilot. I had no read her blog before, but enjoyed getting to know a bit about her and her horses.

I received my gift on Christmas Eve, talk about perfect timing. I opened up my box to find 3 packages, all beautifully wrapped. First up was a holiday themed bag filled with homemade horse treats. They smelled amazing, I about ate one myself. Next up was a really fuzzy, warm hat. I have already worn it several times and it is awesome. Last, but certainly not least, a really nice drawstring backpack from One Horse Threads. I love everything.

Thank you so much to Christian at Calm, Forward, Straight for the wonderful gifts and thank you again to Tracy for hosting.

7 thoughts on “Blogger Gift Exchange 2015”

    1. I love hats and have a huge collection. Our weather recently went to crap, so this new fuzzy one arrived just in time. My horses love the cookies and the bag is so perfect. It’s sturdier than the other bags of the same style I have any I just love it.


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