Where to begin?

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and not a whole lot has gone on horse wise. I had time to ride Dexter once after work and he was pretty good. I was going to ride him on the 13th, but I ended up running out of time. I instead chose to be OCD and help my friend who is moving organize her trailer.

I had surgery the 14th and stopped at the barn a couple times, once for Dexter to have his feet trimmed, but aside from that I didn’t see my horse much in 10 days. I am still not feeling very well, so we’ll see how much time I spend at the barn this week.

I did get to visit with a saddle fitter yesterday, which was cool. Dexter hadn’t been ridden, so it was iffy on how he was going to behave. He was reasonable, for the most part, but pretty dumb about picking up the canter the entire ride. We got to try two saddles, an Albion SL dressage saddle and a Loxley by Bliss Dressage saddle. Both very nice saddles and completely custom in the sub $3000 range. Dexter needs a medium tree in either brand, but a short panel would work best, as the regular panel sat on the T18 vertebrae a bit. Dexter seemed to like the Loxley better, but I preferred the Albion. No completely sold on going with a brand new saddle yet, but finding the exact options I need in a used saddle will be tough, as the Albion saddles are so highly customizable. The trees can be made to template for no extra cost and sometimes, particularly if someone bought the saddle used, may not know all of the options. They can come pretty stock too though, so like the fitter said, it can be a stab in the dark.

I have a few products I’ll review soon. I just need to come up with some time.

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