A Whole lotta nothing

The saddle search has been suspended for a bit. Adulting sucks sometimes.

The horses are doing well. Dexter has been ridden a couple more times. He has a new issue of separation anxiety now. Thankfully he settles, but still calls to the horses and I have to work a bit harder to keep his attention. I’m thinking of trying a magnesium supplement, or something like Quiessence and see if that helps with his focus a bit. I learned about a new product recently, Confidence EQ, which is a pheromone product that smells like the mother horse. You put it inside of the horse’s nose and supposedly it helps them feel less nervous. It’s $59.95 for 10 doses, which isn’t awful, but a bit pricey for my budget. I’m going to do some more researching and go from there.

Since I don’t get to buy a new saddle, I’m helmet shopping instead. Some of you may recall that I fell off while wearing my Charles Owen AYR8 last September and I haven’t replaced it yet. I filled out the replacement form, so I can receive a 50% discount on a new helmet. However, I’ve had 4 CO helmet (GR8 (made it to 5 years old), AYR8 (fell in it 2/13), SP8 (fell in it 8/13) and now the leather look AYR8 that I fell off in last September, so I am thinking it may be nice to try something new. The AYR8 helmet fits me really well, but the ventilation is lacking. So I am shopping around.

On my list is:

-Charles Owen AYR8
-One K

I’ve tried a Samshield, but haven’t found a One K locally I could try on. I have been to 3 tack shops listed as dealers and none of them actually had any in the store.

Since I don’t show much if at all, I’m on the fence. I like having a nicer helmet for outings, but I don’t really *need* anything nicer than the Tipperary Sportage I currently wear for an every day helmet.

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