Here we are again

I have ridden several times in the past month and had several good rides. Dexter has been game to try new things and better about things that have been a struggle in the past.

I had hoped to stay at the boarding barn a couple more months, but plans changed over the weekend and the horses moved home Sunday. Where I have them at my in law’s is not fancy. At all. It’s very basic, some things are pretty old. I was worried they wouldn’t be happy to come back. Thankfully my animals at least don’t seem to care if they set up is fancy or not. We unloaded them and they ran around in their pen playing. I felt better coming back knowing that they were content.

Dexter and Sassy like to play. It’s much like a game of cat and mouse. We have a crossing my husband built across a ditch and typically Dexter will do no more than trot up and down it. Sassy, the pony, will sometimes run up and down it, but mostly will walk and trot. They ran back and forth across it about 4 times Sunday, Dexter chasing Sassy. It was pretty funny and another things that made me feel happy about them coming back. Them being safe and happy is what it’s all about.

Since my riding area hasn’t been used for a while and needs some TLC, Dexter will likely be taking a bit of a vacation. My husband has been very good about helping me get their pen back in order (it was left a bit of a mess at the end of December due to bad weather). I had hoped to have a bit more time to get things a bit more set up before moving them back, but it is what it is. So for now we’ll concentrate on grooming and just hanging out.

I’ve gotten a few new things I will eventually review. Since I’m no longer working at the barn, I’m hoping to have a bit more time (and let’s be honest, energy) to do a bit more with the horses. Reviews still to come (some of these have been promised for a while): Noble Outfitters EquinEssential Grooming Tote, Samshield Shadow Matte Helmet (falling under the category of things I love that I really wanted but didn’t need), Ariat Highland Waterproof Coat, Noble Outfitters Peddies, Eskadron Dralon Cooler, PS of Sweden Flat Out Revolution Bridle and Leistner Brushes. I’m sure there are more things I could review, but I’ll start with that list and work on it. Maybe someday I’ll finish that list.

2 thoughts on “Here we are again”

  1. Thankfully food seems to keep them pretty content. I ended up getting a premium liner for the shadow matte and it fits a lot better that way. Hopefully I can get everything back in order soon and actually ride in it. Until then, I’ll feed my horse, pet him and brush him. 🙂


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