All the little things

I have lots of things to update on (albeit small things), but I need to take pictures before you can really get the full effect.

Dex and Sassy had a spa evening last night. I went to a sale at a tack store and bought two products from my favorite brand, Eqyss. First up, their Premier conditioner, second Mega Tek. Dexter’s bald patches are still filling in from his run in with the fence last month. It’s been years since I bought the Premier conditioner (formerly Cloud 9), but its always been my favorite. So the ponies have clean, shiny tails, Dexter has a trimmed mane and Sassy has a braided forelock and a braided mane.

I also bought a fly mask for Sassy, which is tiny and adorable and a small bucket. Because who doesn’t need more buckets.

I’m also feeding hay only out of hay nets now and got a couple new large hay nets from Amazon the other night.

My Riding Warehouse order will be here today with some supplements, A SleekEZ grooming blade and two more hay nets. For anyone who has seen the SleekEZ and Groom Ninja on Facebook, definitely look at SleekEZ’s page. Groom Ninja is a copycat and they are planning action in Federal court due to infringement.

Still planning reviews for a few things, just need pictures. Now that there’s more daylight, it should be easier. I was with the horses until 8pm last night and it was just starting to get dark.

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