Lots of pictures and an evening ride

I rode Dexter last night after about 3 weeks of no riding. It wasn’t intentional, that’s just how it worked out.

My horses are still pretty fuzzy and it was 80° yesterday, so Dexter, the still mostly black horse, was looking pretty miserable yesterday. He was covered in dried sweat last night. So he didn’t get an extremely thorough grooming before his ride, but I did try out the SleekEz blade I got from Riding Warehouse yesterday. Dex and Sassy both seem to like it and it works well.

I lunged Dexter for less than 10 minutes and hopped on. We had a few communication issues, but overall he was listening well. He was being pretty slow and adjustable. He was really using his butt cantering, which made it more of a struggle to sit than normal. To clarify, I wasn’t asking for anything differently, he just came out that’d way and went off that way when asked to

I didn’t ride long, but he was very good. One of those rides where I got off feeling like my horse is feeling pretty dang broke. Good boy, Dex.

Now a few pictures:

Post-ride selfie


Between the ears


Butt shot to show his shiny, clean tail




Sassy’s braids, to include the fattest forelock I’ve ever French braided


Sassy’s clean tail


And Dexter standing in his typically awkward fashion with his freshly trimmed mane visible


That’s all for Monday.

2 thoughts on “Lots of pictures and an evening ride”

    1. Luckily they are happy with their no frills living situation. The pictures are a bit deceiving since they’re still in the process of shedding their winter coats. I’m hoping they shed out and look even shinier. 🙂


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