Throwback Thursday – Christmas Eve

I generally love Christmas, but last year (2014) was a bit rough. I took my horse for a ride down the road, to my husband’s grandparents’ house, through the woods, across the road and to my brother in law’s. My husband was leading Sassy the pony the entire ride.

After we stopped at my brother in law’s, we went back down the driveway and were going to take a shortcut across the alfalfa field to put the horses back in their pen at my father in law’s.

There was a funky, very old stock trailer parked on the corner of the alfalfa. And an electric fence. We walked between the trailer and the fence and then Dexter began to snort and back towards the fence. He didn’t like the trailer.

Anyhow, the fence was on. He backed into the fence kicked up his hind end, spun to the left and took off towards the gravel driveway. The spin got me sitting on the very back of the saddle. I eventually slid off his right side. landed on the driveway on my side and skidded. Worst road rash of my life.

Dexter took off, but didn’t go very far. Poor little horse.

These first two pictures weren’t taken that same day, but were taken within a couple week prior to the fall.



Then my poor skinned, swollen and bruised knees and my scraped up helmet. The helmet went in the trash after the fall.





Wearing pants was pretty rough for a while and I have a couple of scars. That was my second concussion, so the few days following the fall were pretty rough that way too.

Yes, I did replace my helmet and the old one went in the trash.

I’m not sure why this was saved in drafts and not ever posted, but since it is Thursday, I’ll go ahead and post it now.


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