….Radio Silence….

Sorry for the lack of updates. I rode my horse multiple times in a week and a half period, which is fairly unusual for me. In the process, it was evident that he wasn’t feeling his best, particularly with the saddle I was borrowing. He looked better in my saddle, but still not great.

I took him over to my old trainer’s barn on Sunday and my friend and I both rode him. He felt okay, but still didn’t look great. He looked worse further into the ride and when we put the borrowed saddle on him.

Here are my thoughts:
1) He’ll go in the borrowed saddle (a Luc Childeric Model M), but it doesn’t feel great. It must be somehow pinching him or sitting funny.
2) I also think this may be exercise induced, since he has been working more lately.

The vet was already coming this upcoming Saturday for annual stuff, but she’s going to look at him. I think it’s a stifle issue that’s always been pretty evident. Not even that it hurts him, but the left hind does not move and fluid as the right. I’m hoping consistent work and maybe the addition of chiropractic or acupuncture may help, but the fact is I’m not an expert. So I’ll leave the diagnostics and the treatment ideas to the vet.

I don’t think he’s lame, like dead lame, more like it’s obvious he’s not moving the best and hopefully there’s a solution. Preferably one that isn’t going to cost a lot of money in diagnostics or treatment. Not that he’s not worth it, but unfortunately by horse budget doesn’t have a lot of room for diagnostics or treatment.

So he’s had this week off. Partly to let him rest and partly because it has been miserably windy every single day. I don’t like doing anything in 50 mph wind gusts, let alone try to ride.

Hopefully next week I’ll have a better update.

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