My brain never stops

So, I’ve mentioned my horse has been off. His left hock seems to be the main issue, but his left hind in general has been sore. He’s been on bute for 5 days (out of a total of 7). He moves okay, but is not looking markedly better.

Vet said to try and go back to work a bit more slowly this time. So he’ll get ridden at the end of the course of bute and we’ll see if he’s looking better. I’m not extremely hopeful though. I guess at least he’s not dead lame, but he is visibly uncomfortable.

So here’s how my thought process goes:
What if he needs xrays?
What if he needs a joint injection?
How much does all of this cost?
Is he going to be lame forever?
What about adequan or legend?
Will acupuncture help? What about chiropractic?

None of it at all helpful. I just stress myself out. So I’ll try a light ride this weekend, then contact the vet. The perils of being an over-thinker.

2 thoughts on “My brain never stops”

  1. Lol! I just went through a bit of this with my guy. Google made me lose my mind. A few people to talk me off the ledge and a chiropractic adjustment was all he needed. Hope he’s feeling better soon!


    1. Thank you. I’ve been fortunate to not have ever dealt with much lameness with any horse, so it really freaks me out. Hoping there’s a simple solution like a chiropractic adjustment. Not spending a ton of money on treatments or diagnostics would definitely keep my husband and my pocket book a lot happier.


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