lame horses, mud, wounds and winning!

We have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. Dexter was looking reasonably sound on his left hind after 3 weeks off, but then he decided to scrape the crap out of his right hind leg. Just to keep things even you know. We got over 5″ of rain last week, so things are still kind of swampy. The leg is looking better and he appears to be more sound. Now for things to dry up and me to not have anymore injuries. Then maybe we’ll ride again.

My first aid kit was really sucky prior to last week. So I ordered some items from Riding Warehouse and paid $5 for two day air shipping, since my order was over $50. I got some Banixx to try, as well as some Zephyr’s Garden Healing Salve I. Both seem to be working really well. I also got a roll of cotton and some medicated gauze. The Banixx and the Zephyr’s Garden healing salve have made a big difference.


Left is last week Monday, right is last Saturday (we started the Banixx/Zephyr’s routine on Wednesday evening)

The scraped leg is looking better, but I’m still not sure how sound he is on the left hind. Maybe unsound isn’t the right word, but hitchy more like it. Once I get my ring dragged, I’ll stick him on the lunge and see how he looks. Fingers crossed it won’t be a bunch of money spent on diagnostics.

I’ve also injured myself several times lately. I’m pretty accident prone and always have been, but I went a while without hurting myself. Until last week. I’m covered in bruises from running into things. Then Dexter spooked when I was in his shed the other day, spun right, ran into me and knocked me backwards. Then he took off. I hit the dirt pretty hard. I haven’t found any bruises, but I am sore. My right hip was the main point of impact, but my back, my arms and my neck really hurt. My neck is probably the most sore. It’s always something.

One tiny piece of good news! Kastel Denmark had a Facebook/Instagram drawing for one of their new short sleeved polos. Somehow the stars aligned and I won on Facebook! So this pretty shirt is on its way to me.

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