Kastel Denmark Krystal short sleeve polo: first impressions

Kastel Denmark is pretty awesome. I love everything I own that is Kastel. So when I entered a contest on Facebook last week to win one of their new short sleeve polos, I was certainly crossing my fingers that I would win. Somehow the stars aligned and I did. Once I was contacted by Kastel, I sent an email, discussed options and my purple with light purple short sleeve krystal polo was on its way!

I got the polo today and as soon as I pulled it out of the package, I realized it looked really small. I decided to try it on anyway, and though the exact same thing once I put it on. All of my long sleeve Kastel shirts are size large. I am between 5’6″ and 5’7″ and approximately a size 8. Because I don’t like things tight on my mid section, I usually size up. In most things I buy a large, but I can wear a medium. In some things a medium is perfect.

Well, the size large in this is a different cut entirely. It’s short, really clingy on my mid section and the sleeves are way tighter than I’d like them to be. Needless to say that when I put this on, it looked nothing like the shirt did on the website.

So I sent a couple pictures of the shirt to Jody at Kastel and said I liked it, but was not crazy about the fit. She graciously agreed to exchange it, so a new one should be on its way soon. There’s just something about ordering an XL that makes me feel like I’ve gained a ton of weight (no offense to anyone who does wear an XL, that’s just never been my size). Here’s to hoping the new one fits better.

So in short, definitely size up on this one.

In the left is me in the shirt, on the right is definitely not me in the shirt.

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