What I love about horses when it comes to not riding them

So I haven’t ridden my horse since April 3rd. Yes you read that right, I haven’t been on my horse for 6 1/2 weeks. I didn’t even realize it had been quite that long until I looked at my calendar. Originally the break was supposed for be two weeks, but then I got sick, the heavy rains came in and then my horse decided to cut up his right hind leg. Then it rained some more, I lacked time and motivation and here we are.

While I do love to ride, because it does always put a smile on my face, I honestly have gotten to the point where I really enjoy being around horses more than I actually enjoy riding them.

Dexter, while not the most broke or best trained horse is just a very easy horse to be around. He comes when I call him, he lets me kiss he nose (though I don’t think he actually likes it) and he seems to enjoy just being messed with.

He is pretty good at ground tying though I’m not sure he was actually taught. He just does it. So most of the time when I go out to mess with him, I don’t tie him up. He’s used to me messing with him and 9.5 times out of 10 does not move. Picking out his feet? No problem. Fly spraying? No problem. Putting ointment on his cut up back leg? Ground tying champion. I often groom with him ground tied as well.

Dexter is a very good minded, willing horse. He is very willing to try new things and figure out what you’re asking. Excellent qualities for a horse who had never been anywhere in his life and was started so late.

Most days it’s just the quiet of spending time with my buddy. The hugs, the grooming, just watching him play with his pony friend Sassy. He trotted right up to me the other night and followed me around while I was filling hay nets. Honestly, even though I don’t ride him much, I can’t imagine my life without him.

Dexter turns 8 on May 21st. I plan to make him a horsey birthday cake and give him some pampering. I sure love my black horse.

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