Happy 8th Birthday, Dexter and Bath Day

Dexter turned 8 on Saturday. I spent all day in bed not feeling very well, so my plans of doing more with Dexter went out the window. He did get lots of treats, he got groomed and he got a sloppy brand mash that he shared with Sassy. I don’t think he knows what a birthday is, but he looked content anyway.

It was a bit warmer yesterday than on Saturday, do Dexter and Sassy both got their first baths of the year. I had washed their tails once this year so far, but they hadn’t gotten a full bath yet.

Thankfully both of them are pretty cooperative, even though we don’t have the luxury of hot water. Dexter was up first. I washed him with a combination of tea tree shampoo and vetrolin bath. He was very dirty. I rinsed him, applied Eqyss Premier conditioner to his tail, then washed him again with a Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day sponge. We got the Desert Quencher. A little goes a long way with these sponges. The shampoo smells really good and it foams well. It will definitely last for more than one bath, even though I used it on Dex and Sassy.

Sassy got her bath next. She was slightly less cooperative about having her face washed, but was still pretty good about it. She has a long, thick mane, so her mane got conditioner as well as her tail.

Also a little plug for Teddy’s Tack Trunk who is currently having a sale on bath products. With code BATH, you get 10% off all bath time supplies through May 31st. They also have $2.99 shipping on all US orders, which you can’t beat. My order arrived in only two days and it was shipped the same day I ordered it. I also got a bottle of Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent, which so far seems to be working better than the Absorbine Ultrashield Sport Continuous Fly Sprayx than I have been using. It’s made with essential oils, not chemicals. It gets kind of foamy when you spray it which is different, but I find the smell to be different, yet fairly pleasant. I’m not hopeful the bottle will last an extremely long time, but thankfully it’s priced very reasonably, especially at TTT.

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