A Horse Box: May 2016 Box Review

I got my first ever box from A Horse Box last month. I signed up for a 3 month subscription. Do I need it? No, but it is fun to receive surprises in the mail every month. Boxes start at $25.99 per month for a 6 month subscription. A 3 month subscription is slightly more at $27.99 per month and you can get a box for a single month for $29.99. They also have a Barn Box and a Tack Box, which is a one time box that changes seasonally.

A Horse Box, of the monthly variety, contains 4 to 6 hand picked items. Some are full size and some are samples. They have items from well known brands, as well as items from up and coming brands.

I was really excited to receive my box. Upon first glance, it’s just a plain, little brown box. The packaging was not great. The tape was torn on one side of the box and instead of being sealed with tape, it was sealed with a plastic mailing sleeve, which I thought was interesting.

This is what was in the box:
-Absorbine Santa Fe Coat Conditioner& Sunscreen (full size bottle – retail $10.64 to $14.95)
-Farnam Endure Roll on Fly Repellent (retail $7.69 to $8.50)
-First Companion Equi-Dex Electrolyte in Apple (12 oz sample package)
-Leather Therapy Wash (8 oz) (retail $8.02 to $9.14)
-A Sample Package of Omega Nibblers Horse Treats (4 treats)

There was also a magazine on the bottom, as well as some information about the electrolytes that were included.

Everything arrived in good condition, but the package of electrolytes had a tiny tear on the back of it that caused some powder to spread around the box.
After seeing another blogger’s review, I did not received the Slick and Easy Grooming Block, or A Horse Box SPF chapstick, or the May 2016 A Horse Box Information card. I’m now a little disappointed, as I thought all boxes were supposed to be the same.

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