Not dead yet.

Despite the 5 month hiatus from blogging, we are in fact still alive.

Here’s a snapshot of what has gone on:

1) Dexter did nothing for 4 months. He was pretty lame (hind end soreness) from April until June. He started to improve slightly after that and got ridden a little in August. From August until mid October, he got ridden a little here and there. The soreness had leveled off to being manageable. I was all set to take him to the vet hospital at the end of September for a full workup, then life happened and the money was gone much more quickly than it had been accrued.


2) One day a local vet I had used previously messaged me and asked if I was interested in trying a loading dose of Pentosan. I said that I was, so she came out a few days later to see Dexter. She watched him trot in poor lighting (thanks daylight savings time) and told me he was barely lame. She also said since he has an easy job, never has had a hard job and the fact that I’m not overweight, she felt that not jumping to x rays and injections right now would not be the worst decision. So she gave me a refresher course on IM injections and watched me give the first one. I’m pretty sure Dexter didn’t even flinch. I just gave him his fourth and final loading dose yesterday.


3) I have been riding on the weekends and enjoying it. I’ve also stopped lunging, which was really hard for me. But so far so good on that front.

Dexter is feeling pretty good to me and I’m hoping my husband can help me take a video of him being ridden tomorrow. I have a video from between injections 1 and 2 and I’d like to compare. If he does indeed look better, we will try the monthly Pentosan injections and see how that works long term.


4) I have started taking riding lessons again. I’ve only had two so far, but I’ve enjoyed them. I am taking them on my trainer’s horses right now, but will hopefully take Dexter soon. They are western lessons with the former head coach of the now discontinued Kansas State University NCAA Equestrian Team. I was really excited to run into her back in September at a local show. I had been wanting to take lessons, but I didn’t know who to call.

5) I got to jump twice last month in lessons in South Carolina! I drove to SC with a friend last month who was moving there. I also got to see my good friend who moved there earlier this year and she set me up to take lessons with her trainer there. I felt a lot better riding than I thought I would and mostly importantly I had fun. Unfortunately I did fall off, but it was the best fall I’ve ever had. More about that later.

I will come back and add some pictures and videos soon.

Until then, happy trails!






4 thoughts on “Not dead yet.”

  1. I received your blogger exchange gift in the mail today and just wanted to stop over and say THANK YOU! You are the wrapping queen. I admittedly squealed with delight over each item and had a blast unwrapping everything. I hope your holiday season is going well so far, and thank you again for the gifts.


    1. I am so glad that you like everything! I had fun shopping. I was meaning to tell you that I apologize if things look like a 5 year old wrapped them. Odd shaped items are just hard to wrap. lol. Happy Holiday and Happy Riding!


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