2017 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

This was my third year participating in the gift exchange. It’s always a lot of fun getting introduced to new blogs and new horses across North America and sometimes across the pond. The fabulous Tracy of the Printable Pony puts this on every year and I can’t imagine it is an easy task. This year there were 55 bloggers who participated. Thank you, Tracy!

This year my gift went to Jen and Connor at Cob Jockey and this year my gift came from Sarah at a A Soft Spot for Stars. In the gift exchange questionnaire, I mentioned that I had been pining over a horse holster and that I loved being warm in cold weather with socks, hats, etc. I also mentioned that blue, pink and purple were my favorite colors.

Sarah was seriously on the ball. Her gift arrived on December 12th! My gift didn’t get mailed until the 19th. I felt like a major slacker.

She sent me an adorable card, along with a purple horse holster and some fabulous Horseware socks that I want 10 more pairs of. I haven’t had a chance to use the holster yet (Thanks, winter), but the socks are just awesome.

Thank you Tracy for organizing and Sarah for the fabulous gifts!

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