The one where I have a stupid grin on my face

I mentioned Manny briefly in a previous post, but let me tell you a little bit more about him.

First off, Manny belongs to one of my friends. I remember hearing about him way back when I still took lessons there (2010), but I never met him until this year. I had originally stopped riding there when I ended up with another borrowed horse to ride at another facility.

Hye Mister Man aka Manny is a 2010 Thoroughbred gelding (Scrimshaw x Sparta) that was bought and trained for racing. However, he bowed a tendon at some point and never actually raced.

Fast forward to this fall when I was feeling sorry for myself and I posted on Facebook detailing that (I know, how old am I? Am I right?) and my friend said she had one for me to ride. I messaged back and forth with her, agreed on the finance part of it and then headed off for my first ride.

Even though Manny is a Thoroughbred, he’s not very motivated to move quickly. Ever. So being out of shape and trying to get him to move was a bit of a challenge. Manny had an unfortunate lease situation that was ended by his owner in an abrupt fashion due to poor horsemanship by the lessee. He wasn’t going to work as a lesson horse, so he was just sitting. He needed a bit of a slow acclimation back to work and an understanding by his rider that some days he’d need reassurance that everything was going to be okay.

A little background on me: bringing horses back into work who have had a bad experience in some fashion or another is kind of my favorite. I got to ride two horses as a junior that needed to be brought back slowly: A WB cross who crashed through an oxer and liked to stop, then a freight train on a TB gelding who had some less than stellar rides by a former lessee. Then my own TB gelding I bought as an adult who had a lot of training holes and liked to hop up and down off his back end.

While I love Thoroughbreds, I can’t ride the extremely hot, sensitive ones because I have a lot of anxiety and they always pick up on it. Things without a doubt go south quickly.

All that said, Manny isn’t hot, but he’s sensitive. He is 100% my type of ride and I love him to pieces.

Now for the part where I have a stupid grin on my face:



I finally got a picture with him last night and I couldn’t be happier with my new ride. I can’t wait for our first lesson next week and to plan our goals for 2020.

6 thoughts on “The one where I have a stupid grin on my face”

    1. I can’t help but kiss his little snip any time I am near him. We had a very hot, sensitive TB mare on the Equestrian team in college that I attempted to ride twice. It ended in disaster both time and I never tried to ride her again. I hope to have more updates on Manny soon!


    1. I’ve never been the bravest person, but the older I get, the less brave I become. I’ve never had falls rattle me as much as they did with Dexter. I loved that horse to pieces, but honestly I’m glad to not be riding him anymore. Mentally, I just wasn’t every going to get over my fears with him. Manny, on the other hand, is such a simple horse to ride and he prefers to move slowly (sloth speed anyone?). His idea of spooking is literally stepping very slowly to the side. That’s it. He really is the perfect horse for me at this point in my life. I so wish we could go on a ride and be nervous together! I hope you and Remus have a fabulous 2020.

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