Silvio Mazzoni Lesson – 2/9/2020: the background

I have now been riding Manny for about 3 1/2 months. We still have a long ways to go (doesn’t everybody?), but our fitness has really improved in the last month or so.

Right before Christmas, we were supposed to have our first lesson, but Manny ended up hurting himself. Probably by getting into a pasture scuffle. It took two weeks for everyone’s schedules to align, but we had our first lesson the first full week of January. We’re trying to do lessons every other week, with the idea that in those lessons my trainer can give me some ideas of things to work on between lessons. So far it is working well, except when I ended up having a bit too much off between rides and forget how to replicate the position changes we’ve been working on.

Our first two lessons were primarily through a grid. By the end of the second lesson, we had a vertical and an oxer in the grid, instead of just poles and crossrails. During the 3rd lesson, we did a lot of really tough flat work before ending on doing two fences on a circle off the left and right lead.

I feel like an important bit to add is that I have only had 5 jumping lessons total since October of 2016. Dexter never learned how to jump while I had him, so I really haven’t jumped consistently since early 2014.

After my first lesson, my trainer mentioned that Silvio Mazzoni (who is her trainer) would be coming for lessons in February. At first, she said we could ride in a lesson with him depending on how we were doing. After the second lesson, I got a definitive yes. I was so excited. Then last week rolled around, I had my 3rd lesson and that ended up being the only day I got to ride last week due to getting sick on Thursday.

Since things did not work out at all how I planned and I am the person who likes to be over-prepared, I was really nervous for the lesson. My trainer and about 10 other people told me I was a good enough rider and that I’d be fine, but I didn’t believe it myself. I was so nervous before I left for the barn yesterday that I didn’t eat lunch.

I caught Manny, got him brushed and for once had a little time to spare. So we both got to try MagnaWave for the first time and OMG…I’m sold. I have a lot of issues with my lower back due to some minor injuries over the years and it was feeling particularly terrible yesterday. My back felt better after the MagnaWave than it has in years. Manny had an abbreviated session due to needing to get out to the arena to ride, but he seemed to really like it also. He was a lot more free through his back while we were warming up.

Next up….how our ride with Silvio went.

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