The past 3 months

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since I’ve set foot onto this blog. Life has been interesting, much like it has been for everyone else.

For 7 weeks, from March 23rd to May 8th, I was only working half-time. Which meant I made going to the barn during the day a habit on the days I was off. I loved going to the barn during the day. Especially since many people switched to daytime barn visits once they were no longer attending school as normal. I felt part of the barn for the first time in many years. I had several riding lessons. We were making progress. It was wonderful.


In addition to more barn time, I also got to spend my days off with my son. Days I never would have had with him otherwise. I also took a lot of naps since he was still consistently napping twice a day at that point. I miss the naps.



Since returning to work full time on May 11th, I’ve hardly ridden. When I am able to ride or visit Manny, the barn is typically empty. Everyone is still coming during the day for the most part. My trainer is also gone currently at a horse show. She’ll return next week, but she’ll likely only be home a short time then gone again. Manny also injured his head in some unknown way in there too. See below.


Another reason I haven’t ridden much is because Manny was very, very lame last time I brought him in to ride him, way back on May 30th. We originally thought his old bowed tendon had flared, but fortunately the farrier dug out an abscess two days later. He spent a bit of time in a stall with his foot wrapped, but he has now returned to pasture life and is looking very sound and very shiny.


I have also had some health issues, including but not limited to a very weird lymph node issue. Many lymph nodes from my ear down on the right side of my neck swelled up huge. An ultrasound and bloodwork didn’t really reveal much. Thankfully they’re getting better, but if it’s not one thing, it’s another. I swear.


I am hoping to ride this weekend, for the first time since May 16th I believe. I miss Manny and I miss my “me” time at the barn.


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